Motivation Misplaced


I know I’ve been a bit slack with writing blogs lately but this has come down to a couple of things. To be perfectly honest I’ve been lacking the motivation to make the time to write. The first influence is I have been busy focusing on other things such as work, due to only have a few more months before I am off on maternity leave. I’ve also been trying to make the most of being able to gym while I still can, as I figure I only have a couple of months left before I’m going to have to take some time off. The second reason is I seem to spend a lot more time sleeping than normal due to this tiny human growing inside of me. Well he’s not so tiny anymore, he’s growing super fast now which is probably why the increased need for sleep. Now I know what you’re thinking – excuses, excuses Gabby! And you are correct. That is why this blog is about what motivates me and how I motivate myself when I’m not feeling motivated, in order to help you figure out what motivates you and how to motivate yourself to reach your goals.

As I’m sure you’re all aware motivation comes in waves and from different influencing factors, either around us or inside of us. Knowing what motivates you can have a huge impact on your drive & ambition in all aspects of life. Personally I am, for the most part, an internally motivated person. Unless I am worried about letting someone else down, or doing something that may hurt someone I care about outside influences are not a huge motivating factor to me, EXCEPT when it comes to looking good. I know that’s vain but look good, feel good isn’t a common saying for no reason. In general this means in order for me to be motivated to do something I need to have made the decision in my mind to do it. No matter how much someone else tells me our tries to encourage me to do something it won’t happen unless I decide to do it. This is both a negative and a positive. A positive example of this is: If I know I need to go to the gym and I am determined to go, nothing will get in my way. I may even get a little grumpy if something does get it the way. On the other hand no matter how much encouragement or stick someone gives me if I decided to skip a gym session, this doesn’t motivate me at all and once my mind is made up it’s hard to change it. To be perfectly honest I’ll probably just get grumpy at you for being on my case! Haha. The only thing that will change my mind and motivate me to go is if I feel I am letting someone else down.

Knowing I am more internally motivated allows me to find ways to motivate myself when my motivation is lacking, which is something everyone should work out for themselves. In order to be able to motivate yourself when you’re not feeling motivated you need to know what motivates you and to use this to your advantage. I’m going to use another gym example here to show how I motivate myself. This is going to sound a little conceited but bear with me. In order to motivate myself to go to the gym on days I really don’t want to, I look at old progress photos or videos of where I used to be and compare them to where I am now. Either this or I think about where I want to be, so what my goals are. This drives me to go as I now have an image in my head of why I am training, or what I am training for. Thinking to myself “get your ass to the gym girl so you don’t end up being a weak ass bitch” is rather motivating for me. In regards to being motivated by the thought of letting someone down, I try to train with other people so if I miss gym without a legitimate reason I know I am letting them down. Meaning I am less likely to miss sessions.

For those of you who are more externally motivated having a gym buddy, watching motivational videos and/or finding a challenge or competition to complete will be helpful in encouraging you to make sure you get your butt to the gym and train hard. This can also work with other aspects of life outside the gym. Find someone who you respect and will listen to, who is willing to help keep you focused, put yourself in an environment where you are surrounded by others working towards the same goals etc, surround yourself with positive and uplifting friends, associates and colleagues.

One thing I haven’t mentioned yet is how in different aspects of life I am motivated by different things. When it comes to eating well for example I am very externally motivated, but this is one of the few aspects of life in which this is the case. When it comes to work and study I am very internally motivated as with the gym. Being externally motivated when it comes to eating well means I do struggle at times to say no to foods I know I shouldn’t be eating, if offered them or if those around me are eating them. Alcohol on the other hand I am also very internally motivated with as even when I am not pregnant I don’t drink a lot, purely because I don’t want to. No matter what others say or what happens that won’t change. Unless I genuinely feel like having a drink for my own reasons I won’t have one. This also goes to show how your motivations can change as you change. When I was younger it would only take a small amount of heckling from my friends for me give in and have a drink, or two.. or 10. This is most definitely not the case now, and I’m sure I am not alone in this!

I hope this helps you to figure out what motivates you, how to find your motivation when it’s lacking and how to use this to your advantage. If you can do these things you will soon find you are far more productive in all aspects of life and will reach your goals easier!

Have a wonderful week!

XOXO Gabby

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