Fake It Til You Make It

One of the hardest parts of getting older is the crushing realisation that being an adult doesn’t mean you know everything, despite what you thought as a child. Realising almost everyone has no clue what they’re doing half the time, no matter their age or IQ is pretty terrifying.

I will never forget the earth shattering moment my mum told me she didn’t know the answer to a question I asked her. Even is she hadn’t known the answer in the past she always had an answer to every question, evening if that answer was frequently “because I said so”. I admit this isn’t the most helpful of answers but at least it helped keep me in the sweet oblivion where adults know everything.

Now at the ripe old age 26 I am looking froward to introducing my own little human into the world in a few months, however it has never been more obvious that sometimes you have to pretend you know what you are doing until everything works out, or you would permanently be in a state of doubt and confusion. I literally have no idea what I am doing with my pregnancy and what to do when the baby is born, I am just trying to make it seem like I do in the hopes I won’t do anything wrong. Just the other day is said to my partner Peter “What the hell do I do with this tiny human once it comes out? I am supposed to be responsible for it yet I can barely look after myself”. Peter’s response: ” Hangout with it, play with it”. Well thanks babe, could you be any more vague?! The reason for such a vague answer however is the same as why I asked the question in the first place. We both have no idea what we are doing, we are both going to be faking it util we make it. Alongย with advice/help from friends and family of course.

I have had a surprising amount of people voice to me there concerns about me still training while pregnant. What’s even more surprising is the majority of these people have never had a baby, nor have any experience with training while pregnant. In order to soothe their worries and, to be completely honest, to stop them from bugging me about what I should and shouldn’t be doing I have many times confidently reassured them I know exactly what I am doing. Confession: When it comes to gym training while pregnant I had no idea what I was doing to start with, I was 100 percent faking it. In saying this I have made sure to do a fair amount of research into what is safe to do while pregnant and what is not. I am also being smart with my training by taking it easy, not lifting super heavy weights, not doing any extremely vigorous exercise and eliminating any exercises which could cause harm to the baby or myself.

As I’m sure you all know being an adult is far from easy, however knowing everyone is in the same boat as you is somewhat comforting. Sad but true.

Here’s something for you to dwell on the next few days:

“Nothing that’s worthwhile is every easy.” -Nicholas Sparks.

XOXO Gabby

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