Client vs Morning Sickness

Ok guys I warn you, this one is a little gross and probably not quite what you’re expecting but read all the way to the end as there is lessons to be learnt from my following experience.

Picture this: One of my wonderful clients is lying on the bench press half way through his set, mouth open to breathe out, while myself is standing over him ready to assist if need be. Suddenly I have the uncontrollable urge to burp. Unable to stop it I let out what I expect to be a small burp but much to my horror this is not the case.

Oh no, when you’re pregnant you get this lovely thing called morning sickness which can come on at the most sudden of times. In my case what I though was an innocent burp turned into a lovely mouthful of vomit.

I’m sure at this point anyone watching would have wondered what the hell was going on. Mid counting reps the not so innocent burp is followed by a shuddering swallow of the vile tasting vomit. Had I not chosen this option the only other option in was to spit the vomit out of my mouth and consequently into my clients, now open, mouth. GROSS! To this day the aforementioned client has no clue just how close he came to receiving a mouth full of Gabby vomit!

As horrifying as this experience was it has taught me two valuable life lessons:

  • Number one: Never, under any circumstances, trust a burp is only a burp.
  • Number two: Vomit is waaaaay worse going back down than it is coming up.
  • Number three: There are some things in life which are unavoidable. Vomiting in your clients mouth mid set is NOT one of these things.

I hope everyone is having a fantastic start to the week, and remember every experience has something to teach you. Be that a bad or good experience.

XOXO Gabby

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